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Contessina  collection with 1 products
Contessina 1 product 3 Likes  
Lady Diana  collection with 1 products
Lady Diana 1 product 1 Like  
Sinclair Gold  collection with 1 products
Sinclair Gold 1 product    
Baby and Child Sterling Giftware
Infant Feeding Spoons collection with 5 products
Infant Feeding Spoons 5 products    
2 Piece Baby Sets collection with 5 products
2 Piece Baby Sets 5 products    
3 Piece Child Sets  collection with 5 products
3 Piece Child Sets 5 products 1 Like  
Sterling Silver Flatware
French Provincial collection with 66 products
French Provincial 66 products    
King Richard collection with 65 products
King Richard 65 products 1 Like  
Old Master collection with 71 products
Old Master 71 products    
Queen Elizabeth I collection with 54 products
Queen Elizabeth I 54 products 1 Like  
Stainless Steel Flatware
Beaded Antique collection with 1 products
Beaded Antique 1 product    
Boston Antique collection with 1 products
Boston Antique 1 product 1 Like  
Hammersmith collection with 1 products
Hammersmith 1 product 2 Likes  
London Shell collection with 1 products
London Shell 1 product 2 Likes  
Silver Plated Flatware
Lockhart  collection with 1 products
Lockhart 1 product    
Savannah collection with 1 products
Savannah 1 product    
Towle Living Stainless Steel Flatware
Dream collection with 1 products
Dream 1 product 1 Like  
Luxor collection with 2 products
Luxor 2 products 1 Like  
Stephanie collection with 2 products
Stephanie 2 products    
Texture collection with 1 products
Texture 1 product 1 Like  
Wave  collection with 2 products
Wave 2 products 2 Likes  
Entertaining Serveware
Hammersmith Serveware collection with 16 products
Hammersmith Serveware 16 products 3 Likes  

One of America's oldest, most respected brands, the Towle™ Silversmiths name dates back to a small colonial silversmith in 1690 Massachusetts. Since then, Towle sterling silver, silver-plated and stainless steel products have been appreciated across the country for their beauty and extraordinary quality. Towle offers a comprehensive collection of ...... Read More